Sadness and Sorrow (Naruto) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Dec 01, 2008 by guitarHERO (Last updated: Dec 21, 2009)

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Game: Naruto
Composer(s): Toshiro Masuda
Style: Transcription
Series: Naruto

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e| |------3--2----------3--2-------------| (1)r
B| |-------------3--------------0--------|
G| |-------------------------------------|
D| |-------------------------------------|
A| |-------------------------------------|
E| |-0-----------------0-----------------| 

e| |-2-0----------0--3--5-------0----3---3-2-3-5-0-7---5--| (2)
B| |-----0------------------------------------------------|
G| |------------------------------------------------------|
D| |------------------------------------------------------|
A| |------------------------------------------------------|
E| |--------0---------------------------------------------| 

e| |-2-0---------0--3--5--0--3---3-2-3-2----------------| (3)
B| |-----0-----------------------------------------3s-5-|
G| |----------------------------------------------------|
D| |----------------------------------------------------|
A| |----------------------------------------------------|
E| |--------0-------------------------------------------| 

e| |-0-2-3-5-7-0-3-2-0------| (4)
B| |------------------------|
G| |------------------------|
D| |------------------------|
A| |------------------------|
E| |------------------------|

e| |--3-5-3-2---7-7--5------| (5)
B| |------------------------|
G| |------------------------|
D| |------------------------|
A| |------------------------|
E| |------------------------|

e| |-0-2-3-5-7-0-3--2-0----2-3-2-3-2--------------------------| (6)
B| |----------------------------------------------------3s-5--|
G| |----------------------------------------------------------|
D| |----------------------------------------------------------|
A| |----------------------------------------------------------|
E| |----------------------------------------------------------| 
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13 comments on Sadness and Sorrow

New and improved

Mutch easier way to play naruto for all new players out there;)

Good tab but...

e| |--3---3-2-3-5-3*-7---5--| (2)

That sounds like the right note to me. Still a good tab of a nice song, ty for submitting it. ^^

Happy to:)

Your welcome:) yea i thougt it was time for someone to make the song a little easier.
The orignal was to dam long:P

emm that's the right note ^^

as far as i know XD

Not bad but

e| |--3---3-2-3-5---7*-5-2---| (2)
B| |-------------3*----------| (2)
i think this sounds better :)



OMG for the first time I can learn to play something ..! Thank you, thank you GuitarHERO :D

your welcome:)

Im going to make sum more soon;)
Btw if u have any more songs u want to play, but dont know how
to play them, let me know and ill tab them;)

nice tab :D

good tab ^^ i like it :D but i rather play
e| |------3--2----------3--2-------------|
B| |-------------3--------------0--------|
G| |-------------------------------------|
D| |----2--------------2-----------------|
A| |-------------------------------------|
E| |-0----------------0------------------|

gives it the little note i like in the song ^^

u are right;)

It does sound better indeed:)
it actually makes the song sound mutch better:)
I should probably rewrite the tab now:P


Usually when people say i dont like this or that the poster responds ugly like..but you guys are really nice....good tabs im still trying to get the hang of it...any tips?email me
[email protected]

sorry for asking but what is

sorry for asking but what is that number at the end of the tabs .? example (1)r...just asking..thanks

It's pretty nice from you to


It's pretty nice from you to make more easy to play this song but a have a little tip for this when you play in third and sixth part B on fifth fret you can make it sound better when you play B on third fret before you play that on fift you cam make it sounds better but i have to thank you you did a great job there bro

I'm not a big fan of Naruto

I'm not a big fan of Naruto but my friends will love it. And thanks for the tips in the comments, the sound of this music will become even better