Sadness and Sorrow (Naruto) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Dec 01, 2008 by guitarHERO (Last updated: Dec 21, 2009)

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Game: Naruto
Composer(s): Toshiro Masuda
Style: Transcription
Series: Naruto

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e| |------3--2----------3--2-------------| (1)r
B| |-------------3--------------0--------|
G| |-------------------------------------|
D| |-------------------------------------|
A| |-------------------------------------|
E| |-0-----------------0-----------------| 

e| |-2-0----------0--3--5-------0----3---3-2-3-5-0-7---5--| (2)
B| |-----0------------------------------------------------|
G| |------------------------------------------------------|
D| |------------------------------------------------------|
A| |------------------------------------------------------|
E| |--------0---------------------------------------------| 

e| |-2-0---------0--3--5--0--3---3-2-3-2----------------| (3)
B| |-----0-----------------------------------------3s-5-|
G| |----------------------------------------------------|
D| |----------------------------------------------------|
A| |----------------------------------------------------|
E| |--------0-------------------------------------------| 

e| |-0-2-3-5-7-0-3-2-0------| (4)
B| |------------------------|
G| |------------------------|
D| |------------------------|
A| |------------------------|
E| |------------------------|

e| |--3-5-3-2---7-7--5------| (5)
B| |------------------------|
G| |------------------------|
D| |------------------------|
A| |------------------------|
E| |------------------------|

e| |-0-2-3-5-7-0-3--2-0----2-3-2-3-2--------------------------| (6)
B| |----------------------------------------------------3s-5--|
G| |----------------------------------------------------------|
D| |----------------------------------------------------------|
A| |----------------------------------------------------------|
E| |----------------------------------------------------------| 
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11 comments on Sadness and Sorrow

New and improved

Mutch easier way to play naruto for all new players out there;)

Good tab but...

e| |--3---3-2-3-5-3*-7---5--| (2)

That sounds like the right note to me. Still a good tab of a nice song, ty for submitting it. ^^

Happy to:)

Your welcome:) yea i thougt it was time for someone to make the song a little easier.
The orignal was to dam long:P

emm that's the right note ^^

as far as i know XD

Not bad but

e| |--3---3-2-3-5---7*-5-2---| (2)
B| |-------------3*----------| (2)
i think this sounds better :)



OMG for the first time I can learn to play something ..! Thank you, thank you GuitarHERO :D

your welcome:)

Im going to make sum more soon;)
Btw if u have any more songs u want to play, but dont know how
to play them, let me know and ill tab them;)

nice tab :D

good tab ^^ i like it :D but i rather play
e| |------3--2----------3--2-------------|
B| |-------------3--------------0--------|
G| |-------------------------------------|
D| |----2--------------2-----------------|
A| |-------------------------------------|
E| |-0----------------0------------------|

gives it the little note i like in the song ^^

u are right;)

It does sound better indeed:)
it actually makes the song sound mutch better:)
I should probably rewrite the tab now:P


Usually when people say i dont like this or that the poster responds ugly like..but you guys are really nice....good tabs im still trying to get the hang of it...any tips?email me
[email protected]

sorry for asking but what is

sorry for asking but what is that number at the end of the tabs .? example (1)r...just asking..thanks