Happy Birthday! <(0_0)> (plus awards)

On July 27th, 2006, I opened this site with a humble 50 tabs and a dream to turn it into the premier site for video game tablature. That goal has been met and surpassed, and this past year in particular has been particularly transformative. We got a new layout, new forum system, new logo, and most importantly a bunch of great new members.

Like always a big thanks goes out to everyone who makes this site possible. Everyone who has contributed a tab, a recording, posted in the shoutbox/forum, helps out with tab submissions, etc. Wouldn't be possible without you guys <3.

To celebrate our 3rd year of existence, we gathered together a council of supreme lords to vote for the 1st Annual Game Tabs Awards. I'll post the winners followed by the nominations and commentaries from the council of supreme lords.

  • Best Overall Tabber: Kabukibear

    Jacob31593: Honestly i would say Auri, now only does she submit countless tabs but they are for bass, acoustic, and electric, shes a very diverse tabber and always does that shit to the note, but since we're giving her busiest beaver it would only be fair to give this to kabuki

    natenmn: Kabukibear. So many great arrangements with such creativity driving them. Kabuki has been very inspirational for me. It would be nice to someday be able to write such amazing arrangements, but in the meantime Kabuki will be challenging me with all of his!

    Vic9mm: Tabber of the year i think should go to kabukibear his arrangement are without a dout amazing there all great. Now dont get me wrong auriplane has some good tabs all around but for arrangeing I have to go for kabuki for in indepth tabs.

    surreal: Kabukibear -While there are other tabbers that have arrangements I hold as 'God Tier,' Kabuki is, by far, the most consistent tabber we have around. Bitch delivers everytime.

    archard: Kabukibear. After all this time, he still producing amazing arrangements and getting better at them I think. He is becoming a master of his craft.

  • Busiest Beaver: auriplane

    Jacob31953: Auri, gargantuan amount of tabs

    natenmn: Auriplane. Sooo many tabs. A lot of her bass tabs don't get as much love as they should, but she keeps pumping them out regardless. An example of how dedicated she is: I saw her Lawn Snail youtube video and fell in love with it. She promptly made me a solo guitar version in under 10 minutes o_O.

    Vic9mm: Busiest Beaver is diffanitly auris field she pops out tab after tab after tab as if there were going out of style.

    surreal: Auri's fucking crazy, she puts out a complete solo guitar tab in a matter of minutes, slams them down daily, records said song, and makes a clever snail-related shoop for the youtube page. By the way, that was just during this past week. Before that she was slamming down live action videos of snail activities while supplementing original music and later making an intricate remix of the infamous "How is Babby formed?" flash.


    archard: auriplane. She is an unstoppable tabbing machine that will eventually surpass me as the member with the most tabs on the site.

  • Most Professional Recordings: Calebelijah

    Jacob31953: CalebElijah? dont think i spelled his name right but when i first saw his recordings i was like :O

    natemnm: Gnilp - Always great quality sound and the mixing of the different parts is always top notch. Extra points for usually programming the back tracks himself.
    - Special mention to Zero. From a sound point of view, I have always enjoyed the quality of his videos.

    Vic9mm: Most professional i would say CalebElija but he doest really come to the site much anymore so I will say Gnilp his recording are great.

    surreal: Juja and the Horseman

    -There's something about a bleach-white-black-shirt-wearing guitarist and a hairy-viking-horseman-of-a-drummer that makes a perfect recording. For the love of horses everywhere, do more.

    archard: Epoch. He only submitted a couple recordings way back when, but they are epic and I don't think most people know about them.

  • Shoutbox Guardian: Jacob31953

    Jacob31953: XD

    natenmn: Tie for Jacob31593 and SalemJake
    -SalemJake is always there and willing to give advice or ask opinions. Jacob is just always there :P (jk Jacob... He is always very nice and helpful)

    Vic9mm: shoutbox gardian would have to go to jacob hes always here he has no life :(

    surreal: Jacob

    -He's always ronery. --so ronery

    archard: Jacob31593. Even when no one else is on he's always there protecting the house.

  • Best Newcomer: natenmn

    Jacob31953: Natenm has been here for a week, has a shit load of tabs, has privileges to upload tabs and is on the high council XD

    natenmn: Surreal?
    - Being a newcomer myself, I don't know who has just joined only this year. So I did a quick scan of the introduction thread and it looks like Surreal joined in January? Anyways, he is always around and is a very talented musician. He is very nice and made me feel very welcome when I joined!

    Vic9mm: Nate has been on a tabbing spree latly so i would give it to him

    surreal: I honestly don't pay much attention to join dates and all. So I'll have to respectfully nominate my dick for this one.

    archard: natenmn. He has made a bunch of people's dreams come true by transcribing a ton of lonlonjp's tabs.

  • Most Difficult Tab: Kabukibear's Final Bowser Theme

    Jacob31953: as an electric player, im sure i havent played the most difficult tab on here seeing as by everyone elses opinion it is kabuki's

    natenmn: Birth of a God by Kabuki
    - Kabuki did a great job with this tab. It's great because it IS playable... but forget about ever playing at 100% tempo lol. Special mention to his bowser theme!

    Vic9mm: most difficult tab would be kabukis birth of a god or shion memories of the past those are two of the most hardest tabs i think.

    surreal: Bowser's "Kooprice" - Mario 64

    -From Kabukibear, this tab is fairly difficult as is. Of course, being the fucking asshole Kabuki is, he had to add an 'optional' section for those most hardcore players. The speed of this section alone seems to be in a realm nobody around here can touch. I can hold the speed for maybe 10 seconds before I lose my fingering and start to cry.

    archard: Kabukibear's Final Bowser Theme. Never seen it recorded.

    -- Note: Jacob acted as a tie breaker and chose the Final Bowser Theme.

if i knew what i said would

if i knew what i said would be shown i would of fixed some typos XD

Jacob31593 said if i knew

Jacob31593 said

if i knew what i said would be shown i would of fixed some typos XD

NO SHIT I mean cmon a heads up would have been nice.

That's what Marie Antoinette

That's what Marie Antoinette said!

I thought it was assumed I

I thought it was assumed I mean why else would I ask for a commentary.

Jacob31593 said if i knew

Jacob31593 said

if i knew what i said would be shown i would of fixed some typos XD

"would of" :|

no kitten award?

no kitten award?319049506_3251767a91.jpg

Huh...when was all of this

Huh...when was all of this taking place...?

Happy B-Day =)

Happy B-Day =)

lol I agree, I had no idea

lol I agree, I had no idea this was happening
and happy birthday :P

Happy 3rd Anniversary. I've

Happy 3rd Anniversary. I've been here all along (for the most part at least).

Happy 3rd birthday. Great

Happy 3rd birthday. Great music and a very nice community. What a triumph for game music and also for artistry.

Happy birthday! I've been

Happy birthday!

I've been here since the beginning. Though registered much later. :D

Ohh awesome I didn't know

Ohh awesome I didn't know about this!

Happy birthday and hopefully many years to go! ^^

Happy birthday

Happy birthday indeed.
Without gametabs, how else would I feel close to people I have never actually engaged in conversation before?

"surreal: I honestly don't

"surreal: I honestly don't pay much attention to join dates and all. So I'll have to respectfully nominate my dick for this one"

heeey why didn't anyone tell me about this council?

I'm starting to love this

I'm starting to love this site more and more, so, happy birthday!

I must be alone in thinking

I must be alone in thinking the Kooprice is more intimidating than difficult. Really once you sit down with it, it's doable.

Either way Happy Berfday gametabs!

I kind of fell in love with

I kind of fell in love with the site :P
Happy B-day GameTabs!

Boo! Gnilp got robbed.

Boo! Gnilp got robbed. CalebElijah definitely has some whabbas stuff, but Gnilp is the fuckin' man when it comes to sounding professional.

But... but... I'm the best

But... but... I'm the best newcomer! :O

Nah, I did a few good tabs... but then I had my exams, and no time for gametabs >_> (or anything else).

I wanna get back into tabbign out my own stuff... but my transcribe trial ran out >_>

hmmm.... I suppose a Happy

hmmm.... I suppose a Happy Birthday would suffice ^_^

Is it that time again

Is it that time again already? Let's celebrate by finally choosing a cover art for the SNES Project! After seeing the awesome logo that Ando made, he should make a cover.

I never either knew about

I never either knew about this. happy birthday you rock!! :)

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HB, gametabs. Not to be a

HB, gametabs. Not to be a downer, but I feel like the community was more alive even at the time this article was posted.

Bon anniversaire Gametabs! as

Bon anniversaire Gametabs! as we say in my sweet country :3

Yes !! Bon anniv'

Yes !! Bon anniv' Gametabs!!!!! :-D

Wow, i'm born on the same day

Wow, i'm born on the same day as gametabs.

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You remembered XD Sorry for

You remembered XD

Sorry for not getting a new post up until just now, it's at

To be fair, I didn't officially launch until some time late at night EST, around right now :)