Some changes to the recordings section

I added a field to the recordings submissions page where you can put the name of the game or anime the song is from. This will make it possible to search recordings by game. So from now on when you create a recording, put only the name of the song in the 'Song Title' field, and only the name of the game/anime in the 'Game or Anime' field. I also jazzed up the 'Game or Anime' field so that when you start typing in the game, it will bring up a list of previous entries that are similar to what you've already typed in. I applied this to the request section as well.

I think I'm gonna go through all the old recordings when I get the chance and alter them so that they can be searchable by game as well. Then I'd like to restructure the recordings page so that all the recordings can be searchable by game/anime. Hopefully I can get around to that sometime soon. I hope you all like the new features.