Interface Changes

In response to people using low screen resolutions have trouble reading tabs, I've killed off the right sidebar completely. I moved everything to the left sidebar, accept for user account specific stuff like the 'My Profile' and 'My Favorites' links. Those links I've put in a new drop down list on the top navigation bar (with some snazzy effects). I hope this makes things easier for you guys, and if not I really want to hear your feedback. Let me know if anything is confusing.

I also killed off the Latest Transcriptions and Latest Arrangements lists in favor of the more classic lists which you should see above this post. I think most people like these lists the way they are now, so I will most likely keep them like that. As always, I await your feedback.

Yay! I likes it better this

Yay! I likes it better this way.





Good to hear

Good to hear

All of the above.

All of the above.

i think all it needs is a way

i think all it needs is a way to search recordings. like with a "Browse Recordings" the same as "Browse Tabs". that would be great!

Hmm I didn't realize

Hmm I didn't realize recordings were that popular. I guess I could make something like that. I'd have to think about it for a bit though. I might restructure the entire tab/recording navigation, actually.

I love the recordings section

I love the recordings section :-)

yeah, it would be a good idea

yeah, it would be a good idea to group recordings by game. no rush, though.

Just noticed a little mistake

Just noticed a little mistake I made with the menu. The parent item 'My Profile' wasn't linking to anywhere, so I put it inside a new parent item 'My Account', which now has My Profile, My Favorites, Private Messages and Create Content.

Wonderful! I really missed

Wonderful! I really missed the recent recordings list. I had become my daily ritual everyday before I clocked in for work, to see what was new. AND NOW IT'S BACK!!! Cool.
P.S. I agree with the above comment by the way. It would be nice if there were an extra sorting of recordings by game title. For instance, there are several recordings of "Song of Storms" but you would have to search every recorders listing to find them all. If there were a sorting by game title, then you could watch them all, compare playing styles, etc. Just a thought though, nothing too crucial.

nice.. it looks much

nice.. it looks much cleaner/organized =D. But I think the search bar should be put back, but other than that it looks great.

The search bar is on the left

The search bar is on the left sidebar now. I'm thinking about putting it up top though.

I think it would be cool on

I think it would be cool on top

I'm also thinking about

I'm also thinking about putting a 'Featured Tab' block or something along those lines up there as well. And right now I wouldn't be able to fit the ad, search bar and featured tab block up there. So I'm thinking about moving the ad unit to the top of the content area, but I really don't want to have any ads in the main content area, so I'm thinking about making it so that if you're logged in the ad will disappear. Then I could fit the search bar and featured content block up top and still get the much needed ad revenue without being too annoying to users.

o, my bad. its so tiny i

o, my bad. its so tiny i missed it :O but yea i think putting it up on the top would make it cooler :)