GTYNP: Link's Awakening - Koholint Island

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If you ask me, Zelda tabs are over played. If you look at the most popular tabs you'll find Zelda tab after Zelda tab, most of which consists of just a few notes while other really great tabs languish in obscurity. Hence why I was so surprised to find this little gem. This week's great tab you've never played is a Stamen47 Zelda tab that has been largely overlooked.

I usually stray from playing duets. It's hard enough to find a good enough guitarist let alone a good enough guitarist that is interested in videogame music. But the first guitar in this tab is strong enough to be played on its own. I use it as a warm up piece as it's a good work out for both right and left hands. Incredible job Stamen. I'd love to see a true solo arrangement! TAB MIDI

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Seems like the only songs

Seems like the only songs that get picked are popular ones (with a not so popular song from them).

I meant to mention this

I meant to mention this earlier (before the next GTYNP came up) but forgot...

...anyway, this tab is actually incomplete. I did this pretty quickly because I was eager to see more electric arranged songs when the new site came up and neglected the 2nd half of the song...but I'm pretty happy with how this much turned out, and have been practicing it quite a bit to get my alternate picking up to speed. I'll have to finish it up, though XD

So Ron, do you play this fingerstyle on classical guitar? Or do you play with a plectrum? I've been practicing it with a plectrum, but I suppose it's possible to play it with your fingers...heh, it might actually be easier for me, since that's what I'm used to.

I actually do fingerstyle. I

I actually do fingerstyle. I started as a fingerstyle guitar player, so I learned that first. I know it's incomplete, but man it still rocks.