GTYNP: Metroid - Kraid's Lair

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I love it when someone classically arranges a song that you wouldn't possibly imagine being classically arranged otherwise. Ron's Kraid's Lair tab is the perfect example of this. There are several other tabs for this song on this site intended for electric guitar, and it has been recorded many times other by video game music cover bands in a clear rock style. But this song in my opinion sounds wonderful when played classically. Enjoy it.



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How funny this was one of my

How funny this was one of my very first tabs because of that I made a bunch of mistakes and it's probably harder than it needs to be.

Still, this unfamiliar...I think it's called "recognition". Thanks.

Yeah I noticed some of the

Yeah I noticed some of the fingerings can be accomplished so much easier than it is in the tab. But that's ok. I love playing songs like this on an acoustic guitar.

Its really good! ive heard

Its really good! ive heard all the like 'Rocked out' versions and their good but this works even better