I'm Looking For Writers and Contributors

I have a vision for this site. In that vision, it's more than just a place for you to come by, grab a few tabs, and then run off into the sunset. I want this place to become a thriving community where not just video game tablature, but video game music in general is celebrated and appreciated. In order to do that I need to expand the content of this site beyond just tabs. I've already begun to do that myself, and I plan to continue doing so. But I want to get the community involved as well. I'm looking for people to write content for this site on a variety of subjects. Articles about composers, reviews of soundtracks, and guitar lessons, to name a few. I encourage everyone to voice their opinions and contribute.

I can't currently pay anyone for their contributions. But if you want to share your opinions and talents to a large amount of people (over 60,000 unique visitors per month), then please consider becoming a contributor for this site. Just email me at and I will give you further details.

I'm interested in a weekly

I'm interested in a weekly article. :D IM me and we'll talk it out.

I sent you an e-mail for an

I sent you an e-mail for an application. Articles, beginner guitar lessons, I'm there!