Yoko Shimomura Project Closed

The deadline has come and passed and it's time to close the project. Here are all the submissions I have gathered.

ajrock2000: Breath of Fire - Alan and Cerl Forever
archard: Legend of Mana - Pain of the Universe
cgseth: Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze
daniellu14: Live a Live - Go Go Buriki King!
eddhead: Super Mario RPG - Booster's Railroad
Kabukibear: Super Mario RPG - Valentina
Kotex: Breath of Fire - Winlan
nozzie: Super Street Figheter 2 - Ken's Theme
ronito: Legend of Mana - Places in the Heart
Stamen47: Live a Live - The Ancient Master Descends from the Mountains
Yamato: Street Fighter 2 - Guile's Theme

I know some of you submitted more than one tab for this, but you can only have one official submission. If you want to use a tab that's not listed here please let me know. Also if I skipped over you completely let me know. Once I confirm that everything is correct I will put up the poll and we will vote on the winner. I am also going to make a PDF book with all these tabs and a nice writeup on Yoko Shimomura to commemorate her as a great video game music composer.