I Want Your Recordings

I'm looking to add a lot more recordings to this site. If you have any recording of yourself (or others, with their permission) playing any kind of video game music, on any kind of instrument, no matter how good or bad the recording is, I want it. It can be in almost any audio or video format, or even a YouTube video is perfectly fine. Just email them to me at [email protected]. Simply attach the files to the email and tell me what it is a recording of and the name you want me to credit you with. If it's a YouTube/MySpace/Google Video/Daily Motion/Whatever video, just give me a link to it and I will handle the rest. I plan on making some recordings of my own in the near future, but I hope to get a lot more from you all as well.

i would send some recordings

i would send some recordings of myself but i really need a new amp because whenever i record myself it sounds too sucky and im embarassed to upload them anywhere =[

I'll be willing to oblige if

I'll be willing to oblige if the recording is able to be a tab (I only play video game themes as tabs), though I believe you implied it could be a video game theme as 'anything'. Warn me if it is otherwise.

I'm not sure what you mean

I'm not sure what you mean by "as a tab". When I said it can be anything what I meant was that it can be played on any instrument, not just guitar.

I say 'as a tab', because my

I say 'as a tab', because my guitar's the only instrument I have that I can link to my computer to record. My keyboard is currently in America. ;-)