We're Back!

Welcome to the new Game Tabs site. I have recreated this site from the ground up to be better than ever. For those of you not in the know, here is a little back story. I started this site way back in July of 2006 using a wonderful blogging platform known as WordPress. That was just the problem though, it was a blogging platform and not a true content management system. So everything was fine and dandy in the early stages of the site. It wasn't until around May of this year that I started noticing some issues. Page were running slower, weird error messages were coming up, and eventually it got to the point where the site was using so many resources that I was forced to shut down the ratings system and even my ability to create and edit pages was disabled. I had been thinking of moving the site to a better content management system anyway, but this issue was basically forcing me to do it. So I worked all summer long on preparing the site for its new CMS, Drupal.

At its heart, is still the same. It's still a community where game music lovers can come and submit/request guitar tabs and share their game music recordings. But many changes have been made to the back end of the site (the administrative part). Now I can manage the content on the site in a dynamic matter, without really having to manually edit anything. There is a new forum installed running on phpBB 3.0, which is integrated with Drupal so that when you register on the main site, you also register an account on the forum. And if you're logged in on the main site, you're also logged in on the forum, and vice versa. If you already had an account on the old site, your user name and password combination will still work here.

I have and will be adding new types of content to the site, including articles, reviews and guitar lessons. Not everything is up right now, but expect many changes in the future.

There is now a new ratings system up. This one is not as resource intensive as the old one and will not slow down the site. It can also be customized to create "top 10" lists of just about anything. Whereas before we only had a top 10 overall ratings list which included both tabs and recordings, we can now have separate lists for each. And going a step further we can have top 10 lists based on the style of tab, i.e. top 10 classical guitar tabs. There are overall many more possibilities with the new site and I hope to turn from an already great site to an even better one.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post about it in the feedback section of the forum.

best site ever!!

best site ever!!

Hoodray! You did it!

Hoodray! You did it! Congrats!

awesome,i like how i am now

awesome,i like how i am now in the tabbers section(Gregg Dawson) and the u.n. squadron tabs are up.

Thanks guys! Remember, your

Thanks guys! Remember, your account from the old site is still active on this one. So feel free to long in when you post your comments. You won't have to fill out any fields that way.

Also, just so you guys know I kind of rushed the site up as you might be able to tell. There will be a lot of improvements in the coming days.

keep up the good work

keep up the good work archard.
best video game tab site i have been to yet...even before the improvement.

Woohoo! New site!

Woohoo! New site! Congratulation, archard, it looks awesome.

Great stuff archard, i

Great stuff archard, i haven't around for a while, thought i ended up on a different site! Keep at it!

hey archard would i have to

hey archard would i have to resend my sonic&knuckles tabs since i sent it before the change?

no karias, I got them in my

no karias, I got them in my email. I'll put them up soon.

lol wow - that's all I have

lol wow - that's all I have to say - wow

lol this site is nuts Good

lol this site is nuts

Good job

Thanks for the comments guys

Thanks for the comments guys :)

smart @** comment i got dibs

smart @** comment

i got dibs on mario and luigi superstar saga =p
j/k but i will do some from it.

Did you mean to post that on

Did you mean to post that on the Yoko Shimomura post, karias?

yes,i posted it in wrong

yes,i posted it in wrong place.i noticed that this afternoon,sorry.