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New Request

Requests with the most votes appear at the top of the list when you click "Votes". So if you really want a request to be fulfilled, vote for it!

Title Game/Anime Submittedsort icon Votes
Flight Xenogears Oct 16, 2014 2 Login to vote
Shattering Egg of Dreams Xenogears Sep 15, 2014 3 Login to vote
Star of Tears Xenogears Jan 15, 2012 1 Login to vote
June Mermaid Xenogears Aug 30, 2010 1 Login to vote
Flight (striderxxoriginal) Xenogears Mar 03, 2010 1 Login to vote
Quickening Xenogears Feb 26, 2010 2 Login to vote
Bonds of Sea and Fire Xenogears Aug 11, 2009 Login to vote